If you can imagine it...

We can provide, design and install any green energy system to fit all of your needs. Whether you want a cost affective heating system for you home or a a commercial high efficiency solar hot water System. We always work hard for our clients to provide the best designed systems. Our goal is to provide the best cost per watt of energy possible.

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The systems that we install

For heating applications:

PEI is Good for Green

Prince Edward Island's mild cimate allows for simpler green energy solutions. PEI breezes bring warm air that heightens the efficiency of air source Heat Pumps.

The average temperature in Charlottetown is -8 C° for the month for January. which allows for some homes on PEI to be heated for just under $1,000 a year with a Fujtsu Air source heat pump.

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If Things Go Bad.

We do all our own warranty work. NRG Corp. is certified By Fujitsu to install and service all of their products, From Control Board to compressors, we can do it all.

When Parts are available we can service all Brands of heat pumps. Where as many installers are not trained to service heat pumps, or are not licensed to work with R-410A. R-410A is the refrigerant that is in all new heat pumps. Making it illegal for untrained persons to work on heat pumps.

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